Introducing New MMTBLACK/goTribe Loyalty Programme Now Even More Exclusive!

The new MMTBLACK/goTribe is a more exclusive loyalty programme, designed to reward our most frequent & high-spending customers.
By joining this programme, you get an opportunity to boost your revenue by providing special deals to these elite customers.


MMTBLACK/goTribe Customers

  • Money Spend 1.5x more
  • date Have 25% fewer cancellations
  • review Write more reviews

Our most valuable & high-spending customers are categorised as MMTBLACK/goTribe members. Only the top 13% of our highest-value customers get to be a part of this elite loyalty programme. The loyalty level of a member is based on the number of bookings & the total amount spent by the member within a year.


The new programme has the following changes:

1. Changes in the level names of MMTBLACK/goTribe programme


This discount is being transitioned to "Member Discount"

Available as part of Special Audience Promotions


MMTBLACK Gold | goTribe Level 2 & below


MMTBLACK Platinum | goTribe Level 3

2. Revised Benefits

You can offer the following benefits to MMTBLACK/goTribe members in addition to discounts and further strengthen your deal for these premium customers.

  • Guaranteed Room Upgrade (with option to limit number of upgrades)
  • Guaranteed Meal Upgrade
  • Hotel Credits
  • Discount on Food & Beverage/Spa (min. 25%)

3. Details about the structure

In this new programme, the discount structure will be as below:

  • Member Discount (New discount in Special Audience Promotions):

    Applicable for all logged-in members of MakeMyTrip & Goibibo.

  • MMTBLACK Gold:

    Applicable for all members of MMTBLACK Gold/goTribe Level 2 & below.

    (goTribe members below Level 2 are eligible only for discounts, not for benefits).

  • MMTBLACK Platinum:

    Applicable for all members of MMTBLACK Platinum/goTribe Level 3.

    (We recommend giving a 5% higher discount than Gold
    or at least 1 benefit if the difference between Gold & Platinum discounts is less than 5%).

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Seamless transition to new programme

The launch of the new MMTBLACK/goTribe programme will not have any effect on your current participation and discounts. However, the discounts would be applicable as per the new structure explained above.

You would have full control of the programme.
You can edit the discounts & benefits from the programme page and protect the peak days with black-out dates.

When will the new programme launch?

The new MMTBLACK/goTribe programme will launch on March 28, 2024.
We will keep you informed through the established communication channels.

How will I benefit from this programme?

  • Once you join this programme, your property will be displayed prominently to all MMTBLACK/goTribe members.
  • You can expect an increase in bookings from these high-spending, premium customers.